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Weight Management
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Weight management has become a major issue with several members of the church. Most have tried various diets with either varying or poor results.  Currently several members are struggling with weight loss and one will admit how much weight they have lost.  Chris has lost 33 lbs. Some of us have used Weight Watchers in the past and found it to be a sound system. We've also found you can't do it alone. Get the Lord on your side and He can give you the strength you need.


This is by no means a commercial endorsement for Weight Watchers. Just letting you know that several of us take weight loss seriously and through a sound program like WW and prayer to the Lord for strength to overcome the temptations of our previous eating habits. We are overcoming a major health risk in our lives. 

Our recommendation is to find a program (diet and exercise)  that works for you and include Prayer as part of the program.  Whenever you find yourself in a weak moment, trust to the Lord to help you out.


If you would like us to pray for you as well please contact me at New Carlisle SDA Church and I will be happy to add you to my prayer list




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Last modified: July 08, 2005